Event Management Specialists

The journey is a collaboration and begins by getting to know you and understanding your event objectives, enabling us to create a tailored and informed event experience that will connect with your audience.

What We Do Best

Event Management

Full Event & Conference management services are offered across a diverse spectrum of events and conferences. A successful event is the result of measured outcomes, detailed consideration and planning.

Strategic Planning & Communications

A big picture consciousness drives our approach to creating your event. We develop a vision that is supported by a creative strategy to ensure that your event is meaningful, impactful and is targeted to the right people. The strategy that we develop and implement will give you the maximum and a real return on your investment.

Creative & Concept Event Design

Designing an immersive event is to create an experience that is relevant and meaningful to your audience. Our design approach encourages audience engagement, interaction and involvement to create a stronger connection to your event objectives.

Production & Logistics

A full production, logistics and support service at National Roots ensures that the event concepts are brought to life and successfully deployed. Our expert team will deliver an event that is of the highest standard, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring every detail has been looked at.


A comprehensive marketing and promotional plan is important to the success of any event. We believe marketing does not have to always cost a lot of money but sometimes in depth marketing and a strong PR plan are just as effective. Developing strong media partners and leveraging sponsors existing media buys can really help stretch your marketing budget.

Not only can we help you market your event but we can create the look and feel of it.

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